Colesia Softgel

What is Colesia®? Colesia® is a dietary supplement containing monacolin K (red yeast rice), plant sterols, hydroxytyrosol (polyphenols from olives) and turmeric.
What does Colesia® do? Colesia® contains monacolin K, found in red yeast rice, which contributes to reducing the synthesis of cholesterol, and phytosterols (plant sterols and stanols) that contribute to reducing its absorption.
In what form and dosages is Colesia taken? Colesia® comes in gel caps. The recommended dosage is 1-2 caps per day, after meals, unless otherwise advised by your doctor.
Can I take Colesia® if I am pregnant? No, it is recommended that you do not take Colesia® during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
I am intolerant to lactose: can I take Colesia®? Colesia® does not contain lactose, and can therefore also be taken by people who suffer from lactose intolerance.
I am intolerant to gluten: can I take Colesia®? Colesia® is gluten-free and can therefore be taken safely even by people with gluten intolerance.
Can I give Colesia® to my child? Colesia® is not recommended for children under the age of five.
Sterols and stanols 400 mg
Monacolin K 5 mg
Hydroxytyrosol and derivatives 2.5 mg
Turmeric 250 mg
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